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Online  Physiotherapy 

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Online Physiotherapy appointments are conducted over the internet using video conferencing technology.  All patient appointments occur from the comfort of your home, decreasing the risk of contracting COVID-19. 


During the current COVID - 19 crisis, online physiotherapy appointments provide a way for patients to continue to receive physiotherapy care and guidance without having to come into a clinic. This allows patients to continue to progress towards their health and rehabilitation goals with the guidance and support of a Physiotherapist, using a virtual platform. 

Uses of Online Appointments

Exercise Prescription

Patient Education

Self management techniques

Monitoring existing injuries

Functional Movement Assessments

Conditions that may benefit from Online Physiotherapy

Pre & Post-Surgical Injuries

 Sprains and Strains

Chronic Pain

Spinal stiffness and pain

Neck pain

Core weakness

Patients starting a new exercise program

Other conditions may also benefit from online physiotherapy. 

How to Book an Appointment

Appointments can be booked online using the link below.

Once you book an appointment, a link will be sent to your email confirming the date and time of your online session. When it is time for your appointment simply click this link and you will be taken to a secure online portal for your Physiotherapy session.

What to expect from an online session
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You and your therapist will be linked to an secure online video chat. Your therapist will ask you questions about your health, current and past injuries, medications and any other relevant medical information to gain a better understanding of your overall health and any current injuries.

Your goals and what you hope to get out of your online Physiotherapy sessions will be reviewed and discussed.

Your therapist may ask you to move your arms, spine, neck or other body areas to determine what is causing your pain. Functional movements, such as squatting, walking and running may also be assessed if these are areas you are having difficulty with. Physiotherapists are well-trained in observing movement patterns and a lot of information about an injury can be obtained by simple observation. 

Once your therapist has enough information to determine what is potentially causing your pain, they will discuss this with you and answer any questions you may have. 

Exercise-based therapy, education and self management techniques for home will then be prescribed based upon the finding in the assessment. The need for follow-up appointments will be discussed at this time as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my extended medical benefits cover online Physiotherapy sessions?

This will vary by insurance company and your personal coverage plan. It is recommended that you contact them directly prior to your Physiotherapy appointment to ensure the online appointment is covered. The need and demand for online Physiotherapy treatment sessions is recently growing due to the COVID – 19 crisis. Some insurance companies are covering this service already. 

2. Does ICBC cover online Physiotherapy sessions?

Yes. ICBC has authorized coverage for online Physiotherapy appointments to allow patients to receive virtual care during the COVID-19 crisis.

3. What equipment & space do I need for my online Physiotherapy session?

A reliable internet connection and a computer are the best choices to use for your session.  A secure, private space in your home is ideal to conduct the sessions. Chose a space where you can move around safely. Athletic clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in is also recommended.

4. Is my information private?

Yes. All video sessions are conducted through a secure web based portal. All date is encrypted and no video or audio data are stored from the sessions. The virtual sessions are secure and compliant with health regulations and regulatory recommendations in Canada (HIPPA).

5. What are the risks involved with online Physiotherapy appointments?

Sessions offered online do have many limitations. These limitations are important for patients to understand. During an online session, a Physiotherapist cannot perform: hands-on assessment, testing and treatment techniques. Due to this limitation, a full physical assessment of your condition cannot be performed.


For this reason, conditions and injuries that require extensive hands-on treatment may not be best served by online Physiotherapy treatments. While online sessions have a lot of benefits to offer, they are best used to treat injuries that require: exercise -based therapy, patient education, self management techniques, functional movement assessments and visual monitoring of existing injuries.

Further Questions or Concerns?

If you have further questions or concerns regarding online Physiotherapy sessions or if you are not sure if this is best type of treatment for your health care needs, please contact me.