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Online Physiotherapy 

Nicole Money Physiotherapy & Pilates

Online Physiotherapy appointments are conducted over the internet using video conferencing.  All appointments occur from the comfort of a patient's home and provide a way to continue to receive physiotherapy care and guidance without having to come into the clinic. This allows patients to continue to progress towards their health and rehabilitation goals with the guidance and support of a Physiotherapist, using a virtual platform. 

There are many benefits of online physiotherapy; however, this type of care also has many limitations and is best suited for patients focusing on: exercise prescription and monitoring, injury education and guidance, functional movement analysis (walking, running) , chronic pain management and office ergonomic evaluations. 

Conditions that may benefit from Online Physiotherapy

Pre & Post-Surgical Injuries

 Sprains and Strains

Chronic Pain

Spinal stiffness & Pain

Functional Movement Analysis

Workplace Ergonomic Assessment

Core Weakness

Postural Issues

Exercise Program Prescription

Injury Education & Monitoring

This list is not exhaustive. Other conditions also benefit from online physiotherapy. 

What to Expect 

Patients will be linked to a secure online video chat with their Physiotherapist. A complete medical history will be reviewed including a discussion of a patients symptoms, current and past injuries, concurrent therapies, medications and other relevant medical information to gain a better understanding of a patients overall health. Patient's therapy and health goals will also be reviewed and discussed.

To gain a better understanding of a patients injury and to determine what is causing their pain, patients will be asked to move their arms, spine, neck or other body areas. Functional movements, such as squatting, walking and running may also be assessed. Physiotherapists are highly-trained in observing movement patterns and a lot of information about an injury can be obtained by simple observation. 

Following the initial assessment, the findings will be reviewed and a discussion on what is causing a patients pain or mobility restrictions will occur.  Virtual therapy options will be also be reviewed. Exercise-based therapy, education and self management techniques will be prescribed and the need for follow-up appointments will be addressed.

Online Physiotherapy Assessment

Online Physiotherapy Exercises

Booking an Appointment

Online appointment can be booked through this link: 

On the day of the online appointment, patients will receive an email with a secure link to access the virtual session. There are no extra programs to download or set-up to access the virtual appointment. All appointments occur through a private and a secure online portal. It is recommended that patients login a few minutes before their appointment and wait in the virtual waiting room for their Physiotherapy session to begin.   

Frequently Asked Questions


Will my extended medical benefits cover online Physiotherapy sessions?​

This will vary by insurance company and personal coverage plan. It is recommended that patients contact their insurance provider directly prior to their Physiotherapy appointment to ensure the online appointment is covered.

What equipment & space do I need for my online Physiotherapy session?

A reliable internet connection and a computer are the best choices to use for a virtual appointment.  A secure, private space is ideal to conduct the appointment. Chose a space where it is easy move around safely. Athletic clothing that is comfortable and flexible are also recommended.

Is my information private?

Yes. All video sessions are conducted through a secure web based portal. All data is encrypted and no video or audio data are stored from the sessions. The virtual sessions are secure and compliant with health regulations and regulatory recommendations for virtual appointment in Canada (HIPPA).

What are the risks involved with online Physiotherapy appointments?

Online Physiotherapy appointments have many limitations. These limitations are important for patients to understand. During an online session, a Physiotherapist cannot perform hands-on assessment testing and treatment techniques. Due to this limitation, a full physical assessment of a patient's condition cannot be performed.


For this reason, conditions and injuries that require extensive hands-on treatment may not be best served by online Physiotherapy treatments. While online sessions have a lot of benefits to offer, this type of care is most appropriate to treat injuries that require: exercise-based therapy, education, self management techniques, functional movement assessments, ergonomic assessments, and visual monitoring of existing injuries.

If you have further questions or concerns regarding online physiotherapy appointments, or if you are not sure if this is best type of treatment for your health care needs, please contact the clinic.

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