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Frequently Asked Questions

Nicole Money Physiotherapy & Pilates

Do I need a doctor's referral to see a Physiotherapist?

No. A doctors note is not required to receive a physiotherapy assessment and treatment. Some insurance companies require a doctor referral to get reimbursed for physiotherapy. This varies with each insurance company and individual policy.  It is recommended that patients contact their insurance company directly for further information. 


If my Physiotherapist uses acupuncture as part of my treatment can I submit the receipt to my insurance company for acupuncture?

No. Only services provided by a licensed Acupuncturist or a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors can be claimed on extended medical benefits as acupuncture. Registered Physiotherapists that have received additional training and are certified in acupuncture are allowed to use it with their patients during a physiotherapy treatment session. Since the acupuncture session is being provided by a licensed and registered Physiotherapist, treatments can only be claimed under "Physiotherapy" for reimbursment by an insurance company.


I submitted my name to the waitlist and haven't received a call for an appointment. Why has this happened?

The waitlist for an initial assessment as a new patient is at least six to eight months long. I understand this is frustrating. Once a patient has put their name to the waitlist, they will contacted for an appointment when there is an opening in my schedule. New patients are only taken on when there is the space and time in the schedule to meet the needs of their injuries. This results in better outcomes and more consistent and effective treatment sessions. Your patience with this is greatly appreciated.

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