Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)

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Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is effective in treating myofascial, neuropath pain or chronic pain. Neuropath pain is created when the nerves in the body become irritated from pressure being placed on them. This pressure on the nerve causes the muscles that the nerve supplies to become supersensitive. This increased sensitivity causes the muscle to spasm, creating pain during daily activities that would normally not cause pain. 

Conditions that may benefit from IMS

Chronic pain

Reoccurring injuries 

Chronic neck pain


Chronic lower or midback pain

Sciatic pain

Hip pain or restricted movement

Elbow pain

Frozen Shoulder

Jaw Pain

Achilles Tendonitis

Ankle & Foot pain

Other conditions may also benefit from IMS. Please call the clinic with any questions regarding this.

What to Expect

A full physical assessment of the injured area and medical history will be taken prior to receiving IMS to ensure it is the most effective treatment choice for a patient's injuries.


During an IMS treatment, acupuncture needles are used to release shortened, tight muscles throughout the body. When a needle enters a tight muscle, it causes it to cramp and then fully relax and lengthen. This relaxation of the muscle releases tension locally and reduces pain in the area treated. No drugs or other medications are injected with the needles to achieve these results.


A mild cramping sensation may be felt during an IMS treatment. This sensation is temporary and is tolerated well by most patients. 

Benefits of IMS

Image Source:  iSTOP. Education : PAIN, A Comprehensive Definition.

The muscles in our body all attach onto different bones and connective tissue. A muscle that has become tight and short can pull on the areas it attaches to creating pain. IMS releases these shortened bands of muscles, stopping the pain they create. 


IMS also creates a local increase in circulation, stimulating the bodies natural healing mechanics, and releases pressure placed on the nerves by tight muscles. By releasing this pressure, the nervous system can start to function normally again, further reducing pain in the body.

Mild soreness in the area needled is normal for 24-48 hours following an IMS treatment. Applying heat to the sore areas, gentle stretching and drinking a few extra glasses of water are recommended.


If possible, refrain from high intensity training for 48 hours to allow your body and muscles to adjust to the release from treatment.

After Treatment

IMS & Back Pain