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Injury Prevention & 

Training Programs

Nicole Money Physiotherapy & Pilates

Injury prevention and training programs focus on correcting muscular weaknesses and imbalances, mobility restrictions and inefficient movement patterns to optimize training and prevent injuries. This knowledge can provide your workouts and training sessions with a focused direction, allowing you to reach your goals faster and prevent injuries before they occur.

Types of Assessments

Health & Fitness Assessment:

This assessment is best suited for patients who want to get back into an exercise and training regime after an injury or a period of inactivity.  

Sports Specific Fitness Assessment:

This assessment is best suited for patients who want to get back into a specific sport after an injury or athletes wanting to improve their training, performance and prevent injuries.

Initial Assessment

A complete medical history will be taken during the initial assessment, along with a discussion of a patients goals and desired training and fitness outcomes. A full body assessment will be performed focusing on: restricted joint movements, muscle weaknesses and imbalances, inefficient movement patterns, stability and balance issues, tight muscles and restricted connective tissues. If you are an athlete wanting to improve your performance and prevent injuries, a movement analysis specific to your sport will also be assessed. 


At the end of the assessment, the results will be discussed and recommendations will be made on the types of exercises and training that would be most beneficial to assist patients in reaching their goals. If any joint or tissue restrictions were discovered during the assessment that would benefit from hands-on Physiotherapy treatment, treatment options will also be discussed and reviewed. Specific homework exercises will be prescribed and recommendations for follow-up appointments will be reviewed.

Follow up Appointments

Follow up appointments may involve a combination of both exercise-based therapy and hands-on Physiotherapy treatment, depending on the unique needs of each patient. Every appointment is a private, one-on-one, session tailored to each patient's specific training and fitness needs and goals. 


Training and injury prevention programs may involve a wide variety of exercises specific to a patients needs such as: core strengthening, stretching, balance exercises, retraining movement patterns, strengthening exercises and education on how to reintegrate into sports and activities after an injury.

Exercise training with a Physiotherapist

Patient homework, stretching on a ball

Biomechanical video analysis may also be used to allow for a more in-depth review of a patients movement patterns in a specific sport, such as: downhill skiing, mountain biking, gymnastics and other sports. Videos will be reviewed and analyzed, than discussed with the patient during an appointment. Reviewing movement patterns in this manner can assist in pinpointing ineffective movement patterns in a sport that can lead to chronic injuries. This information is than used to guide therapy and help retrain more optimal movement patterns, correct muscular weaknesses and prevent injuries. 


Please wear something comfortable you can easily move in for all appointments. If certain footwear is required for your sport (running shoes, pointe shoes, climbing shoes, etc.) and please bring them to your appointments. 

If you have further questions or concerns regarding injury prevention and training program, or if you are not sure if this is best type of treatment for your health care needs, please contact the clinic.

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