Injury Prevention & 

Training Programs

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Injury prevention and training programs focus on finding movement restrictions, muscular weaknesses and faulty patterns of movement before they become an issue or create an injury. This knowledge can provide your workouts and training sessions with a focused direction, allowing you to reach your goals faster and prevent injuries before they occur.

Types of Assessments

Health & Fitness Assessment:

If you are getting back into a fitness routine after an injury or time off and you are not sure where to start, this assessment is designed for you.

Sports Specific Fitness Assessment:

If you are an athlete wanting to improve your performance and prevent injuries, this assessment is designed for you. 

Initial Assessment

A complete medical history and full body assessment will be performed focusing on: restricted joint movements, muscle weakness, faulty movement patterns, stability and balance issues, tight muscles and restricted connective tissue. If you are an athlete wanting to improve your performance and prevent injuries, a detailed analysis of how your body is moving and functioning for your specific sport will be the focus of the assessment.


At the end of the assessment, the results will be discussed and a summary of what you can do on your own and how I can help you to improve your performance and prevent injuries will be reviewed. 

Follow up appointments

Follow up appointments will vary in length. Each session will be different based upon what was found in the initial assessment, and ongoing evaluations and what the patient wants to work on. Core strengthening, stretching, balance retraining, reprogramming faulty movement patterns, agility training, and muscular strength and endurance training may be part of a patient's specific program.


Joint restrictions and tension in the connective tissue may also be addressed through hands on work manual therapy work. Each session is private and tailored specifically for each patient's unique needs and goals. 

Booking an appointment

The initial assessment is an hour long to allow sufficient time for assessment, discussion and exercise prescription. Follow up appointment times will vary from thirty minutes to one hour depending on what needs to be worked on and what the patient's goals and time lines are. This will vary with each patient and will be decided on together after the initial assessment.


Please wear something comfortable that you can easily move in for the assessment and all follow up appointments.