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Custom Orthotics

Orthotics are insoles that can be put into a pair of shoes to help with foot pain and other related lower extremity pain and dysfunction.  Today there are many different varieties of insoles and orthotics that can be purchased off the shelf with little or no customization for a patient's lifestyle or specific sport. These insoles are not the same as a custom orthotic designed specifically for your foot and your unique needs. 

Conditions that may benefit from Custom Orthotics:

Plantar Fasciitis  

Heel pain

Standing on hard surfaces daily

Foot pain

Lower back pain

Hip pain

High or Low Foot Arches

Knee pain

Other conditions may also benefit from custom orthotics. Please call the clinic with any questions regarding this.

Initial Assessment

Custom orthotics appointments are available at Back in Action Physiotherapy in Whistler.


In order to gain as much information as possible about a patient's feet a complete biomechanical assessment is completed including: gait analysis and foot and ankle joint assessments. A cast is then made of each foot to provide a 3D model of the patient's feet. These casts and the detailed biomechanical assessment information are sent to Paris Orthotics in Vancouver, BC where the orthotics are fabricated based upon this information.


The orthotics are sent back to the clinic within 7-10 business days and are then ready for the patient to pick them up.

Custom Orthotics

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Booking an appointment

A custom orthotics appointment is a 45-minute appointment. This allows sufficient time for assessment, discussion and casting of the patient's feet. Please bring the shoes you will be wearing the orthotics in or shoes that you wear most often and a pair of shorts or flexible pants that can easily roll up to the knees. 

For more information on custom orthotics, please visit: Paris Orthotics