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Physiotherapy & Pilates

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy involves using specific hands-on techniques to assess and treat injuries in the muscles, joints (spine and extremities) 

and connective tissue of the body. By evaluating how a patient is moving and assessing different structures a Physiotherapist can determine what is causing a patient's pain and movement restrictions. 

Conditions that may benefit from Manual Therapy:


Neck pain

Whiplash injuries

Jaw Pain

Shoulder pain

Midback pain and stiffness

Stiffness after a fracture

Osteoarthritis pain

Elbow pain

Nerve Injuries

Hip stiffness & pain

Strains & sprains

Other conditions may also benefit from manual therapy. Please call the clinic with any questions regarding this.

What to Expect

There are many different treatment techniques that are used in manual therapy such as joint manipulation or mobilization and soft tissue release of the muscles and connective tissue. The techniques used with each patient will vary depending on the unique needs of each individual.


A full physical assessment of the injured area and medical history will be taken prior to receiving manual therapy treatment to ensure it is the most effective treatment choice for a patient's injuries.

Benefits of Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy on the knee

The beneficial effects of manual therapy  will vary widely depending on the techniques used. Some of the benefits are: decreasing pain, increasing joint range of motion, decreasing muscle stiffness, increased muscle strength and improved overall function and mobility.

For more information on manual therapy, please visit: Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy