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Nicole Money 2016

Nicole Money


Nicole Money

BScKin, MPT, CST, CAFCI, CGIMS, Registered Physiotherapist

A love of sports and movement was sparked for me at a very young age, as I feel in love with artistic gymnastics and competed provincially in Ontario. After a few persistent injuries I ended up in physiotherapy as a patient, my first introduction to the profession. It was there that I became fascinated by how the body worked and all the systems that functioned seamlessly together. Over the years, this spark of interest would continue to grow and become my life long passion to learn about the body, injuries and how to best recover from them. 


I attended the University of Western Ontario in London Ontario, Canada, first completing a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology in 2003, followed by a Masters degree in Physiotherapy, graduating in 2005.


I have always wanted to live surrounded by the mountains and the ocean, so it was only a matter of time before I would relocate to the west coast. During a vacation in 2008 to British Columbia, I feel in love with the beauty and outdoor adventures British Columbia could offer. A few short months later, I drove across Canada and Squamish was my new home. 

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with high caliber and professional athletes in a wide variety of sports: snowboarders, skiers, dancers, gymnasts, rock climbers, runners, and mountain bikers (to name a few). In 2010, I also had to chance to work with Olympic and Para Olympic athletes training and competing during the Olympics in Vancouver, BC.   


Since graduating from University in 2005, I have continued to further my education and expertise in many different treatment techniques, allowing for a more holistic and integrated approach to injury prevention and recovery. I have taken courses in orthopaedic manual and manipulative physiotherapy, craniosacral therapy, visceral mobilization, nerve manipulation, medical acupuncture, intramuscular stimulation (IMS), body control pilates, custom wrist splinting, custom orthotics assessment, and custom knee ligament bracing. 

Recently, I have furthered my knowledge in the current research on pain and the most effective treatments to both manage and resolve acute and chronic pain. 

I have received additional post graduate certifications in medical acupuncture (CAFCI), intramuscular stimulation (Gunn IMS), and craniosacral therapy (Upledger). Currently, I am working towards certifications in body control pilates, nerve manipulation and visceral manipulation. 


In my spare time, I like to keep active and am involved in many recreational sports and activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, yoga, pilates, and  photography.