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Both custom and off the shelf ligament and osteoarthritis braces are available for fitting and purchase at Back in Action Physiotherapy in Whistler. Braces can help take the stress off an injured area allowing it to heal optimally. In joints that have osteoarthritis, braces may allow a patient to continue to be active with less pain in the affected area.

Conditions that may benefit from a brace:

Lower back pain

Knee pain

Ankle sprains

ACL & PCL tears

MCL & LCL tears

Carpal Tunnel

Osteoarthritis pain


Pregnancy related back pain

Post- Surgical Bracing

Other conditions may also benefit from a brace. Please call the clinic with any questions regarding this.

Off the shelf braces

The clinic carries many different types of braces for injuries to the: knee, ankle, wrist, lower back and shoulder. Post operative braces and slings can also be purchased. During your physiotherapy session, a brace may be recommended to help with the healing and recovery of a patient's injuries.


If you are not a patient at the clinic and are requiring a brace, please call the clinic or stop by to inquire about the bracing options available. 

Custom Braces

If a custom ligament or osteoarthritis brace is required, an appointment must be booked to measure the affected joint and discuss bracing options. This type of brace is usually required for more serious injuries such as a torn ACL or to decrease the pain of advanced osteoarthritis. 


Ossur, Breg, Bledsoe and Donjoy are the ligament bracing companies that the clinic deals with. 

Knee Brace

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Booking an appointment

A custom brace fitting appointment requires a 30-minute appointment. Please bring a pair of shorts to allow proper assessment of the injured area. Once the measurements of the affected are taken, the options for braces will be discussed and the brace will be ordered. 


Brace prices vary depending on the type of brace ordered. Please call the clinic with any questions regarding custom brace pricing.

For more information on specific braces or bracing options, please visit: Ossur, Breg, Bledsoe, or Donjoy.